Inspiring positive life transformations and helping others to achieve their level of personal and professional potential is my passion.

- Toya Younger, Founder
     Corporate America is not the same anymore. Ethical standards and corporate values are being compromised daily just to - GET AHEAD! I strongly believe that there are two groups of people in the world. Those that are not being served properly and a group of professionals that simply desire to work hard, get paid and not get caught in the rat race nor the poly tricks (political corporate moves). The second group of people have never been afforded the opportunity to do their best, but have the skills, ambition, and desire to excel.

     I have worked as a Correctional Captain at a 1700 maximum security male facility with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety for thirteen-years, a Call Center Customer Service Problem Resolution Specialist for six-years in a brick and mortar setting, served in the United States National Guard for eight-year and trained as a Certified General Instructor for three-years under the standards set forth by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. I am currently serving as a leadership trainer, coach and speaker with The John Maxwell Team. I have seen great people compromise their ethics, values, and morals simply because they felt they had "NO" choice. The bills stampeded in and family needs became a priority.

    Technology is changing the way we conduct business day-to-day and now there is a CHOICE - The Virtual Call Center, Inc. Leaving my professional career of thirteen-years as a Correctional Captain, intentionally focused on providing the solution for as many people as possible across the United States that desire - to work, get paid, be rewarded for their performance, provide for their family without having to handle corporate drama, and get meaningful help when they need it- has been both phenomenal and life-changing for me and hundreds of others from all walks of life.

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